Connection to mycloud only works intermittently


when I am transferring files to my mycloud via wifi, the file transfer only works intermittently, i.e. it stops every few seconds for a few seconds and then continues. Does anyone else have this issue?
To be honest, this device creates more problems than it solves, it’s kinda frustrating…

What program/app are you using to transfer files to the My Cloud? How are you transferring files, using SMB, FTP or some other method? Do other mobile devices, or computers, connected via WiFi exhibit the same problem? Is the My Cloud connected to a Gigabit router? Is the Wifi network on the same IP subnet as the My Cloud?

I am transferring via windows explorer or via a backup software. The router is not a Gigabit router. I do not know about the subnet, how can I check this?

If the router is not a Gigabit capable router that probably also means the WiFi is not very fast either. What model/make is the router? Is the WiFi Wireless N at least or is it the slower Wireless G or the faster Wireless AC? Do all your WiFi devices have this problem or is it just the one device/computer?

One can access their router’s configuration page to see how the WiFi is configured, and which IP address subnet it is using if different from the main LAN subnet.

By not using a Gigabit capable router the transfer speeds will be slow, 100 MB (at best).

@duplex To me this sounds normal, the way computers work? You say what you want to transfer and then the computers talk to each other. a short stop probable means the computer is having to look for the next file or the My Cloud is having to take a few second to write it on its disk and then ask for the next file.