Connection to DNS-323

Hi everybody !

I dare for the first time to post a question on this forum.

I’m the happy owner of a WDTV live. I bought recently a network server DNS-323 and can’t access it from my WDTVLIVE.

No problem when I use the DNS-323 as a media server. I can read a video without problem but impossible to get subtitles on it ( it looks normal considering what I have seen on this forum )

To get subtitles, It looks like I have to use the network shares. The WDTVLIVE sees my NAS but, when I want to access it, I just have a message “there is no media in the current folder”.

It don’t get through a login page which I would consider normal to enter user name and password

Please Help me get through this problem. I’m french and it is sometimes very difficult for me to watch a movie without subtitles

In advance thanks to those who will help me

Go to NETWORK SETTINGS and turn “Auto Logon to Network Shares” to “NO.”

It will then ask you for the User ID and password.

After you enter it successfully, you can go change the option back to YES.

It works …

It vas so simple and I didn’t find it myself (and I woudn’t have )