Connection timeout from NYC

Hi Guys,
I have allocated shares on mycloud and have guys connect from Australia, Cambodia, India and Germany…I am in Germany. All great so far. I am very happy with the device.

I just gave a share to a friend in New York City. When he downloads the cloud software for win7 and enters his activation code the activation code gets used but he gets a message  “Can’t connect to this device”. I have tried another activation code from my PC here and, of course, it works fine.

What should I be looking for on his PC that might stop him from being able to connect to the device. My first guess is firewalls etc. But if there is a post of the details I can give them to his tech support and they can have a look for themselves.

If WD watches the thread? What I would love to see is the ability for WD to provide an ftp client that goes via the WD directory to get to the device. Not sure if that is even possible…but filezilla to the device would be so much nicer than the java cloud app. And everyone knows filezilla/ftp. Just my 2 cents. But apart from that? I tell all my mates this is what they want if they want to share stuff securely. (presuming WD is not peeping of course)



In this situation it will be a good idea for him to contact support directly so they can troubleshoot his network and verify the issue.

To contact support: