Connection Status ( Connected (Relay connection established) or no internet connection )

I Am trying to solve this for more than 9 days
my cloud (2.30.172 up to date )only work in local network i can send and receive files from it but i cant make it connected to the internet ( i cant connect with it from outside network)
i searched for 9 day in ( WD community ) and Google but every thing i try it didn’t give e more than this
1- i give my (My cloud ) A static IP ( it is working good with my router IP (
2- i go to my router configurations and open port (1000 , 1010)
3-i add them in My Cloud (setting > Network >Port Forwarding ) every one at its own
4-i add them to (setting > General > Cloud Access )
5- i restart my network then i restart my cloud
6- i reset it ( the 40 sec reset ) and try to use it in the default didn’t work and i try to do all the steps again and no hope

after all that i got one of that 3 stats that it dont stop for one of them it always change to them
pllllz help i am trying to solve this for 9 days for now

You do realize that the 40 sec reset removes the static IP and sets the My Cloud back to DHCP. I suspect that it also resets the port forwarding.

What type of computers or devices are you using? Are they Windows 10, Apple, Linux etc.? What did you set up in the Dashboard?

Router port forwarding rules:
External port 1000 to Internal port 80
External port 1010 to Internal port 443
Assign rules to MyCloud.

MyCloud port definitions
http port 1000
https port 1010