Connection Setup

I am not good on networks and I don’t know how to configure my device properly. I was able to map the drive in the explorer windows 10 and view my files. However I am not able to access the data via browser. I got a connection but always receive the same message (see image below). What is wrong in my configuration. I have already turned off my firewall and I have no antivirus.
Thanks for any help.

Did you try accepting the security certificate in step 3? Also, try another browser to see if you get the same results. Don’t use Edge.

Did you try the three steps in that report?

Have you enabled Cloud Access via the Dashboard?
Does it say that an internet connection has been established?

Have you sent yourself a user access code email, and activated that account?

Have you noticed the recent changes in accessing

Yes. I did. I was using Chrome. Never Edge.
Accepting the security certificate it returns a message indicating a network problem.

I will study and review again the info on the links you mentioned. But I’ve had to connect the device after configuration previously. But now it stop working and I don’t what parameter I need to correct to get connection again via browser.

Try turning cloud access off and then back on again.

Known problem of false reporting of good connection, and inability to reconnect if your router reboots and is given a new IP address by your ISP.

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Home run… considering your guess about the false reporting and the IP address I rebooted the device. Problem fixed.
Thank you very much. Good Help.

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Don’t need to reboot. Just use the Dashboard to turn Cloud Access off and back on again.

Glad it sorted your problem.