Connection question

I am waiting for my new WD TV Live that I just ordered yesterday, and I have a question.  I want to connect the WD TV to my television with HDMI, and hear the sound through my television speakers. But when I listen my MP3, I want to use the RCA audio output to connect to my stereo amplifier.  Is it possible?

Thank you!

You will have to go into settings and change audio digital to stereo to get sound via tha AV composite cable.

Only the digital setting would output audio from the Toslink optical and HDMI at the same time.


So if I set my Audio setting to Digital, are you saying that it will have Audio out via the HDMI cable AND the Optical out at the same time?

Are you sure of this?


Absolutely, sound from HDMI TV and via Amp simultaneously. One has to set TV volume to zero or visa versa.

Great thanks !!