Connection problems

Whenever I want to play a video from my network shares I have no problems to find the disk ‘My Book’ under network shares. But then, confirming this choice, only on rare occasions it gets really connected to browse the files. Mostly it ‘hangs’ saying ‘connecting …’ and nothing more happens. I then have to go back doing all the steps again and again, sometimes even reinitiating the player until finally it’ll work.

It wasn’t so bad before. What can be the reason? Firmware? Hardware? The WD TV or My Book?

It’'s really annoying and I don’t want to keep the device on while not using it to save energy.

Any idea?

It can be any, none or all dude, what has changed between the time it was working fine and the time the problem started? o.o

The only change was firmware update.

Then what if you try to roll back to the previous one you had? If it no longer happens after reverting then you’ve found a bug.

Thanks. But then I rather wait for the next update hoping that it’ll help.

Hi. I have exactly the same problem and found this thread which partially resolved the issue for meL

I say “partially” because it involves turning off the auto login setting which means adding another step to the already lengthy process of viewing content on network shares.

thanks for the contribution.

I shall be off now for 4 weeks but then I’ll check this in detail.

I have exactly the same problem.  If I power off the unit with the remote, then turn it on, when I attempt to connect to my WD NAS using a network share it says ‘Connecting…’ and if left will report an error.  If I hit ‘Back’ and try again then it usually succeeds although it sometimes takes 3 or 4 attempts. It’s very frustrating.  I have turned off the login dialog and I think this might be the source of the issue.  I have the latest firmware installed.