Connection Problems with Win 7 64biit

Yesterday I purchased a My Book World Edition 2TB NAS.

I installed it on two laptops running 32bit versions of Win 7 & Vista with no problems at all.

It gets tricky when trying to locate it with my desktop however.

I downloaded the WD Discovery tool as the software found the device but couldn’t map to it, and i couldnt add a network drive manually as it doesnt appear when you hit the ‘browse’ button.

So heres a few things:

  • I can ping the device from my desktop
  • The WD discovery software can see the device but wont let me connect to it - but it will let me configure it?
  • If I hit the ‘network’ button on the left hand pane of the Windows Explorer then it comes up under the ‘Storage’ heading but the only options I can do is to install drivers - have done this and it then adds it as a media extender.
  • I have turned firewalls off / altered settings (the network is already trusted as I file share anyway).
  • The error that I get back from the WD Discovery Software is ‘\BackUpStore’ - network path cannot be found. OR when i click on the Map location button nothing happens…as though Im clicking an orphan button.

Believe it or not I am doing a degree in computing…and I am ashamed to say this has got me puzzled big time! I guess its something to do with my network & sharing permissions on my Desktop? I have checked them and they are all to share files/printers etc because as I said earlier…Iv been file sharing across 5 devices for a while now.

It just seems strange that the discovery software can see it, but wont let me map a drive, I cant map a drive manually. It displays in Network window as a Storage device.

Obviously I can reach the device as I am able to ping it and when i enter the IP address for the NAS it brings up the config page…

It works fine on both laptops with me being able to add/remove files etc etc…the only reason I bought this NAS was to back up on ANOTHER device!

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Sorry - Forgot to mention I am using a Netgear DGN2000 Router & I have gave WD NAS a reserved IP address as I am currently using DCHP.