Connection Problems WD TV Live Via Swicth to Router


I have purchased another WD TV Live. The first one I have connected to my network via Wifi and was piece of cake.

Now second one I noticed connecting networkcable via a Switchs to my network causes problems: No DNS found & Internet.

Directly conecting to the router shows no problem and the IP adres found works also when connecting via the Switch.

I have read several forums, also to find my proble, but noticed in one discussion that the WD TV Live does not work via a Switch. Is this true, just can’t believe this nice gadget cannot accept this.

If it should be possible , could someone tel me what to do, saves me laying another cable through my house.


Yes, the WDTV works connected to a network switch; I have one connected that way and a second connected wirelessly.

Have you connected another device (e.g. laptop PC) to the network cable connected to the WDTV to check that all works well with laptop?

As Mike said…it works with a switch…I’ve had mine connected that way for years.