Connection problems after upgrading to WDMyCloud


Recently I started using 2TB My Book Live. I easily set up remote access via web on PC, paired mobile phone and everything works fine under WD2go app. 
But when I  upgraded app to WD MyCloud I have a problem of accessing MBL via MyCloud on my Andorid phone (LG L9 Swift) using 3G. The application returns “Unable to access device”. When I am using Wi-Fi everything backs to normal i.e I can connect to MBL (of course I switch Auto Sync to “Always On”)

I have tried to connect another mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy Advanced) and the same problem appears - I got “unable to access device” using 3g. With Wi-Fi the mobile phone is able to establish connection.

I checked the firmware and I have the latest version.
Any  ideas?

Your support will be more than appreciated

That happened to me until I changed the connection type on the MBL to XP compatibility mode. I could see it happening on one phone, but different ones? Also try checking the DNS settings for your phone as that affects the app as well.

I find the Mycloud app to be very buggy right now in comparison to wd2go to my personal taste. I’ll wait for an update myself.

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