Connection plug on back of my WD external came loose and just fell off!

 About a month ago-  My  “My Book Essentials”  external HD was starting to fail in being recognized by my PC when I booted it up. I had to access it by going to my computer and locating the drive that way to open it. I had no problem with this and thought nothing of it.  Then today I pulled the USB cord out  to see if there was a bad connection; and I noticed the connection plug for the USB on the back of the drive was a little crooked leading me to believe there was a faulty connection for the USB cord.  I barely tapped it with my finger and the darn thing popped off. I can hear it roll around on the circuit board. Im praying I have not just forever lost my ounce cherished CD collection to be forever **bleep** to the HD limbo, never to be herd from again! Is there a way of fixing it? -i.e. re-solder the connecter to the board? Or try and figure out how to convert it to an internal HD on my PC? I have no doubt inadvertently rendered the warranty on it useless. If anybody has any suggestions they would be much appreciated. I’m desperate to have my music collection back. Thanks!

Wow i’m sorry to hear about that. There are ways of repairing the drive, but I wouldn’t “do it yourself” - Hard Drives are very delicate devices and the slightest mistake could make the data permanantly inaccessible. Your best bet would be to take the drive to a professional service company who specilizes in Data Recovery. Make sure you use one who only charges if they are able to get your data back (some will charge you a “service fee” or whatnot just for looking at the drive)

After the Smartware and virtual CD disasters this seems to be another common problem. Is there anybody at WD that actually uses these products in the real world? I’ve been to other computer forums and company tech people frequently respond with real in depth solutions. Avast, Acronis and VMware to name a few. They don’t just give out the lame reply contact customer support number .


What virtual CD disaster? I have no problems with them. When I want a “dumb” drive I get an Elements. When I want something easy to use, with built in software that can’t be lost, I get a drive with Smartware. One of the best things about WD imo is that they have an option for almost every circumstance. The only reason people complain about the VCD (again imo) is because they purchased the wrong product for their needs.