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I have a Western Digital My Book Model WD10000H1NC-00 1TB drive connected to a ActionTec M1424WR router so that it can be shared by a Desktop and a Laptop on a local network for backup purposes. I have chosen this drive to capture some VHS movies because it has a lot of free space. I want to view these movies on my television using Verizon Media Manager. This works OK when the movies are on the C: drive but Media Manager does not “see” the network drive.

Would it be possible to connect the WD drive via a exclusive OR switch (XOR gate) Y connection directly to the computer via USB port  to use Media Manager or to the router Via Ethernet connection for backups? I would like this to be seamless so that I would not have to redefine the drive to the computer or the router each time the switch was made.

Frank C
Dell Inspiron 530S
Win Vista Ultimate 64 bit SP2

You may have better luck posting in the TV section.


Thanks Joe S

 The same problem arises if I want to defrag the WD network drive, The Windows defrag program does not see this drive. The same is true for AVG’s PC Tuneup defrag program.