Connection issues

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Since WD has stopped its support of the Mycloud Home devices, I have constantly issues to connect with the device.

First I had to make it available for my network, which worked for a cpl of months. Now they had an update (why? They stopped the support) and the only available folders in my browser are “public” and “timemachinebackup”. I can’t change that and I can’t repeat the activation as with the first time after cancelation of the support.

I understand that companies have to focus their attention on new products, but this is just shabby. I paid 240 Euros and I expect functionality, not just for a few weeks, until a new (and ■■■■■■) update is available. I also expect user-friendly device management. One cannot expect me to pay a specialist to make this issue gone.

And it definitely has nothing to do with my computer, since I have several devices which all have the same issue to connect.

Also, the WebApp is ■■■■■■, too. Most of the time I have to upload files twice, because it does not upload every time or it uploads into the wrong folder.

Shame on you, Western Digital!

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I am sorry you have connection problems but that is not unusual with NAS or personal cloud devices. If you want very high functionality and uptime, you should stick with major cloud storage providers.

You should file a support ticket with WD tech support if you have anything specific to report. Download a copy of the ‘debug_logs.tar’ to analyze and attach to the tech support ticket. It will tell you the state of the device and help troubleshoot the connection problems.

As to some of your statements, they are not true and this may be a misunderstanding since English may not be your primary language.

WD has not stop support of the My Cloud Home devices, only the desktop OS integration using WD Discovery has been deprecated. The firmware of the MCH is constantly being updated, More than 66 firmware updates have been available for the MCH, most of them to keep the device secure from hackers.

Even though the MCH is a six year old hardware, there are no announced plans for ‘new products’.

It is likely that Western Digital will not pursue a new line of personal cloud devices because it is just simply too costly and unprofitable to continue something that does not generate much revenue stream for the company. The personal cloud hardware space is and will mostly be relegated to smaller companies with niche products and will likely cost a lot more in recurring costs in the future.

Just a usual MyCloudHome

The reason I ask is because the 1st generation WDMYCLOUD does not have support anymore or work online. It can be used on a local network. See image below. I have one and use it on my home network.