Connection issues: "Unknown error. Please try again."


The same…
Stil… the same…
WD ■■■■■?..


same issue, from Indonesia.
please payback this usefulness HDD!!!


Did anybody solved this issue? :frowning: I just bought yesterday


Just bought today at 4 pm on 15.10.2018
Please guide. same unknown error, try again.
Please help. i am in india


Also having this problem, Russia.
Tried setting up with completely new account - no result.
Yesterday it worked ok. I had to hard reset the device by a different reason, so I did that and then it stopped working.
If I try to setup My Cloud Home via Web I get the Unknown Error Occurred.
If I try to setup via iOS app, device is found but clicking Continue button doesn’t have any effect.


The server problem is lasting more than a week, can’t imagine that it is WD.

Today I will go to the store (HK) to refund it, goodbye WD.


Same as me…the sales said intriduce another NAS.
I think cannot refubd money…sad
Force to choose another or total lost.


My MyCloud Home (bought last SAT) resumed to normal this morning.


Dear WD Community,

The “Unknown Error - please try again” issue should be resolved for the APAC region.



Wait for several days and the problem is still there. Just refund the device yesterday. Bought “Synology” instead and it works well. Confirm not problem on my network/router anyway,(I’m in HK)


Hi Kothk,

I will also take to change the product in HK.
May I know which Model of Synology you choose?
same price and same volumn with WD?


Hi Jasontin.
I bought DS218+ (around HKD 2200) plus 2 4TB hdd. Altogether HKD3950. Price is higher than WD, but so far it works well and the functions are really great. I’m new to NAS but the setting is simple enough to handle.


My MyCloudHome can already be accessed.


Thanks Kothk,
I am new to NAS also.
may I know for DS218+, can it directly connect to PC?
or just like My Cloud Home that it must be connected thru Internet?

Sorry for too many question.


My Cloud is working for me now, finally…:grinning:


Hi jasontin,
Basically all NAS need internet in order to function/save/transfer files (in my understanding). If you set up the device right, provided that both your DS station and PC are connecting to the same network environment, you can just map network drive in your PC pointing to the folders in DS station. E.g. Now my PC has Z drive / Y drive / X drive pointing to Video / Photo / Music folder.


Hi, WD.

How soon can you fix the issue? I just aksed someone to buy it for me in the US.


Yes its work now


No mistake of WD. In windows 10 control panel go to programs and features. Then go to turn on or off windows features. On SMB press +ve sign. Tick all 3 features. Then give some time and restart computer. Now your disk will be detected.
It is in knowledge base


No mistake!!! Everything OK!!!
Great support!!!