Connection issues between router and USB dongle

I have a WD My Net N750 router, WD 2TB HDD, and WD Live Streaming box connected to my tv.

Unfortunately I cannot get cable broadband in my area, so I use an o2 mobile dongle. It broadcasts a wifi network but I use it plugged into a USB port on my laptop.

The whole setup is intended so that I can access the 2TB hard drive through both my Live Streaming box, and through the wireless router on my computer, as well as stream video files from my laptop to the WD Live streaming box/TV via Vuze.

Unfortunately, when I am connected to the wireless network, it messes up my internet connection via the USB dongle. Certain sites such as work fine, but others such as facebook do not work; as soon as I disconnect from the wireless network it works flawlessly. 

Is there a way I can inhibit the router from accessing the internet, or it’s internet settings? I believe this is the cause.

I have disabled Fastrack QoS.

Don’t see any way to accomplish this

try disabling the DHCP server

let’s see if someone else has another idea