Connection interrupted during backup

I am trying to back up a folder from a MyBook for Mac external drive to an external MyCloud drive. The MyCloud drive is on my home network and the MyBook for Mac is connected directly to my iMac. I am running OS Sierra on my iMac. The back up software I’m using gets part way through a synchronization of the two folders and errors out with a log entry “Folders Disabled During Sync”. During the backup I also periodically get a message that the My Cloud folder connection gets interrupted during back up . I have the MyCloud password protected but it looks like most of the shares are listed as “Public”. Do I somehow need to grant additional permissions for the MyCloud folder?

Hi there,

What software are you using exactly to backup the computer? Try to setup a static IP on the unit to see if that helps with the disconnection issues. Here is a link that might help with this process:

Interesting… I am having almost exactly the same issue. I’m using Mac 10.12.2 (Sierra) and linked to two EX4s (yes separate EX4 one in RAID and the other in JBOD and after several years of no issues I’m suddenly getting the same error on both. I have taken the advice of creating a static IP and I’ll see how that goes… will let you know! Thank you

“SYNC COMPLETED WITH ERRORS! - Folders Disabled During Sync”


Changing to static IP didnt work sadly