Connection Failed on OSX 10.11.4

I have the same problem as this link Connection Failed on OSX 10.7.5 but on OS X 10.11.4 el capitan
any help?

Have you done a forum search for “el capitan” to see if any of the many El Capitan problem threads holds a solution to your problem?

For example many El Capitan issues are discussed in the following thread:

I will try

I do not use any of the WD software, so here is what works for me:

  • internet browser for dashboard access (http://my-devce-ip)
  • Windows File Explorer for accessing or map the share: \\my-devce-ip\
  • OS x Finder for accessing the share: Finder > Go > Connect to Server > smb://my-device-ip

You can also try it replacing my-device-ip by the name of the device.