Connection and account problems with a new Ultra- HELP!

A newbie here, so bear with me.

I’ve got a new UltraEx2, running Windows 10 on the PC.

Issues to date: I’ve registered using my Gmail address and have the WD welcome email to prove it. If I try and login it asks for a password, which I think I’ve entered. It tells me it’s wrong so I ask to reset it and the password I’ve registered with isn’t recorded as being on a WD account. Sigh.

Last night I managed to transfer some music to the drive for the first time, having only had the icon for a couple of days in Explorer. When I’d tried to open it previously, it took me to the ip address and all the settings, there was no way of accessing the Public folders. Anyway, I left it running overnight and got 50% of the music across. Today, in Explorer I’m back to just having the icon which takes me to the website and settings again.

I mistakenly assumed this thing would be a doddle to use but it’s a right pain. I’ll persevere but any help anyone can provide would be hugely appreciated.




As a recommendation, set the unit with a static ip to improve connectivity.

If you need any direct assistance from WD Support, try creating a case through the support page.

See if this helps.

thank you, will do!