Connecting WD10EALS via USB-sata Cable

I just bought the WD10EALS 1 TB drive, I am trying to connect it to my computer via a SATA-USB cable, but for some reason when I go into explorer, it doesn’t recognize the drive,  but when I go into Devices and Printers I see a USB to ATA/ATAPI bridge icon recognizing the drive

Any solution will be very helpful and greatly appreciated

Thank you in advance

anyone please???

Are you using an external drive case, or a sata to usb adapter?  Also, have you checked in Disk Management?  If you haven’t partitioned and formatted the drive, then of course it won’t show up.  In Disk Management, you can both partition and format the drive if it’s in there.

I am trying to connect an internal drive via sata 2 usb cable

where would I find disk management on a xp system?

How to use Disk Management to configure basic disks in Windows XP: