Connecting WD TV Live to the network through a switch

Hi to All,

I’ve installed in my HT room a switch TP Link SG-1008 due I’m needing multiply the Internet ports of my network there. I’m using there a Squeezebox - Logitech that works perfectly either, before and after switch installation. Instead, WD TV Live doesn’t function once connected through it. I’ve changed nothing from WD’s setup, since that bypassing the switch it’s all right. Had anyone of you a similar experience using a switch ?

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It tends to happen a lot, it’s like the WDTV is expecting to be connected directly to a router.

Since WDTV has a RJ connector available on rear pannel, is difficult to accept  it doesn’t work connected a router through a simple switch (Plug & Play; Autoconfigurable, Auto MDI/MDIX, Auto negotiation on e/port).

Really, I’m looking for a technical answer, that tell me what’s happening and how to find out a solution. May be a WD’s designer knows what I’m saying. Please, I’m waiting for you.

Then you’ll need to call them, WD doesn’t do tech support on the boards as it’ was made for user-to-user support.

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