Connecting wd sharespace with modem router d link G624T

Hello to all in the Community.

I would appreciate if anyone could help me resolve this problem. I have connected my wd sharespace to the abovementioned modem router. However sharespace cannot be “seen” by the router. I have the d-link DSL-G624T  and, although my PC is connected thereto (under “connected clients”) no connection may be achieved with sharespace. I should mention, no led is on in the router, showing that the relevant LAN port is being used.

Please help


if there is no led on the lan port, I’d check the cable to make sure it’s good.

I have done this already. I have changed the cable but no results. Thank you

the only other suggestions I can think of are the simple ones: power cycle (unplug and plug back in) the router, power cycle the sharespace, try another port on the router (this first).  If nothing works, I would try another router just to make sure it’s not the router.  after that, I’d suspect something’s wrong with the sharespace.

Thanks Wayne. Unfortunately I have done all this. However, I don’t have another router to try out. Is there something I could do with the router? Do you think I have to make any adjustments. Thanks a lot for your kind help


it looks like your network port on the sharespace may have failed.  I would contact tech support and see about getting a replacement.  you might be able to get a replacement first, so you can change out the drives if you need to.

Hi John,

                Have you tried connecting your ShareSpace directly to your Ethernet port on your PC (bypassing the router)? The ShareSpace Ethernet port is Auto MDIX therefore a standard Cat5e/6 cable will work.