Connecting WD Sentinel DX4000 via USB

Our DX4000 used to be part of a wired network. Now we want to connect it via USB. Is there any drivers we need to install? What is recommended?


You cannot access your drive via USB. You can connect it directly to the computer with the Ethernet cable.

It doesn’t work that way…as an external USB drive.

You would need to connect it to your network via ethernet and then access it’s shared folders.

Did you own this/run back when it was on the wired ethernet connection?

Thank you for your replies.

Yes, we owned and ran it when it was on the wired connection. But we only have a wireless connection now and need to access it. Is there any way we could do that?

Thank you. So now I can access the DX4000 files from the computer which is connected via the Ethernet cable. How can I share it on the WIRELESS network now with other PCs?

You will need to plug the DX4000 into the wired network for the best performance.

Are you sure there are no LAN ports on your wireless router?

A couple of options:

Option 1

You could try a wireless USB adapter, something like one of these

but it’s hit or miss if the drivers support Windows 2008 R2 Essentials (the OS on your DX4000)

–> Anyone know of a supported USB to Wifi dongle for the DX4000?

Buuuut in order to set that up you’ll need to connect to your DX4000 via RDP, and how do you do that without the network setup?

You have to setup a point to point connection.

-Determine the IP address of your Dx4000 by booting it up and looking for the screen that has the IP address in the LCD window. Say it’s for example

  • Setup you laptop/PC with an IP address of and leave gateway blank
    -Connect an ethernet cable directly from your laptop/PC to the NIC of the DX4000
  • Load rdp (win key +r type mstsc.exe and hit enter) on your Laptop/PC
  • Connect to and log in as the Administrator and you password
    -Setup your new USB adapter

Option 2

Get a wireless access point and set it up as a bridge to your wireless service. Then plug the DX4000 into that device via ethernet.

There are too many options and variable to give you a how to. The advantage is that you don’t have to install anything on the DX4000.

But you do have to make sure all of the IP addresses make sense in your environment.