Connecting WD MyCloud to TV and have access from laptop at the same time


I’ve been trying to connect my WD mycloud 4Tb to my TV and laptop at the same time.
For Wifi I have linksys Vloop with only 2 Ethernet, input and output.
So what I did is I added dlink 5 ports switch and connected the internet + wifi router + WD HDD.

The outcome, I can play media on my TV from the HDD but I cannot connect to the shares from my laptop although Im connected to the Wifi linked on the same switch.

PS. I changed the router and used 4 ports router hooked all TV and HDD the result is I could access it from my laptop but not the TV.

I appreciate any suggestion & thanks

What Router are you using now?

I have a Linksys EA9500 AC5400 Tri-band MU-MIMO along with a RE9000 Range Extender and I don’t have any problems.

Hi, what’s your configuration?

I’m using Linksys Velop WHW01

@Rabihs I hope this image will show you what’s on my network and how it is connected. Laptop 2 should show as connected by wi-fi. It is not in use at this time. My wi-fi Extender and Sony 75 in. TV should also show a wi-fi icon. Click on, tap, or activate image to enlarge it.