Connecting WD My Cloud to Virgin Super Hub or Apple Airport Extreme 5th Generation

I have a home network connected through Apple Airport Extreme (5th gen). The Virgin Media Super Hub router is the main gateway bringing internet into the home. It is connected with ethernet to the Apple Airport Extreme- primarily used for range extension.

Question is : shall the WD My Cloud be connected to the Virgin Super Hub or the Apple Airport Extreme?

Apple Airport

Thanks. If you dont mind, could you give brief explanation on why to apple airport and not to Virgin Super Hub

I am unaware of the format system of the HDD inside WD My Cloud- will the Apple Airport Extreme have no issues if My Cloud is connected to it?


You connect it through the Airport since it is your router distributing IP address.  Your ISP will only give you one IP address (I am assuming you’re residential), I am not familiar with the Virgin Sup Hub so I am not sure if it is a router or not. Your Airport (router) will create additional IP addresses as needed when devices are connected to your network.  Generally, if you are using WIFI from the Airport, its best to plug everything else to the Airport so it can be on the same subnet (network).  Plus, your Airport is Gigabit so everything plugged through your Airport will be on a gigabit connection assuming the devices support it (i.e. My Cloud).  You dont have to worry about file system unless you’re plugging a usb drive through the USB of the My Cloud (drive will need to be in a supported formated: NTFS, HFS, FAT32, etc…) 

Thanks. Will try it.