Connecting wd live to my laptop


My dell laptop is connected to virgin internet wifi. How would i connect my wd tv live to my laptop? 

Well how does your Laptop connect to your Wifi ?

This is the Live Hub forum, so dont even know what you have, but if it does not have wireless built in, you wont be connecting it.

My laptop is connect to virgin hub wireless and i have wd tv live.

Go to the wireless setup in it, if its the newer WD Live SMP ?

The manual is there as well under downloads.

My laptop is not reading the wd tv live.

One more thing. I do not have tv. Hope i would be able to watch my movies from my external hard drive in my laptop.

I want to test my wd tv live before i connect it to my tv.

Its not magic, the WD Live needs to be setup to see the wireless system ? So you need it to be connected to a TV to set it up ?

The WD Live will not play movies to your laptop either, if you want to watch movies from your hard drive connected to your laptop, why would the WD Live have anything to do with that.

Thanks for your continuous reply.

I know i can connect my HDD to my laptop but i wanted to test my wd tv live since i currently do not have tv.

Now, as you said, i need tv to confiure my wd tv live and cannot connect it to my laptop?

You need to read the manual. 

For the wireless, well your Laptop/Phone/Tablet won’t connect to a wireless signal unless it knows what Wireless system to connect to, and then it needs to know the password, so the Box needs to be connected to a TV so you can access the menus to do this ?

You also dont seem to understand the purpose of the WD Live either, the purpose is to play movies on a TV ? So even if you did have your WD Live connected to a TV, it’s not designed to play to a laptop, laptops will play movies fine from a hard drive. So you can’t really miss that connection out.

So if you did have your external hard drive connected to the WD Live and it was connected to your wireless system, if you tried to play a film from it, it would just be you accessing the hard drive from the Laptop, so you would be worse off as it might not stream properly anyway.

Now if you have your hard drive connected to the WD live connected to your TV, thats its main design, you of course can access the films from the WD Live via your wireless network, but its not the WD Live thats playing them, its your laptop.