Connecting WD Elements to Xbox360

Hello, I’ve just bought a WD Elements 3TB Harddrive for the purpose of viewing my media on my xbox. I bought a WD Elements 1TB Harddrive a few years ago and it’s worked fine for connecting to my xbox. My current 3TB Harddrive wont be read by the xbox, so I reformatted it from NTFS to FAT32 file format, and it still didn’t register, so I partitioned it thinking it may be too big, so now it has 3 partitions of 940gb 940gb and 977gb, and formatted all of them to FAT32. It still won’t register on the xbox. It has an external power source. I’m out of ideas about what to do next or why it wont work. If anyone could give me some pointers I’d be extremely grateful! 

Thank you!

It may be the drive size I’m not sure Xbox will support a drive that big. Drives larger than 2T need to use GPT instead of MRB. You might get faster help posting in the video section.


Thanks for the reply! What are GPT and MRB?

Basically they are the boot files not simply the format. a drive under 2T would be formatted NTFS MRB and a 3T drive would be NTFS GPT.