Connecting via DLNA

I am planning on connecting the WD TV Live Hub to my wireless router via the Ethernet cable, and then to a TV via the HDMI which is next to the router. Our other TV upstairs (Panasonic GT30A) is DLNA certified, however, if I access the WD Media Player via the wireless, will it just show the content on this device (and the attached USB HDDs) or will it show the same interface (with all the menus and features) as if it was connected via HDMI. 

I could not find this information anywhere, so apologies if this has been asked previously. Appreciate your help. 

When you connect to a device via DLNA, you’ll be using the UI that’s native to the DLNA “client,” that is, your TV.

You’ll only see the Hub’s UI if you’re selecting the HDMI input it’s connected to.