Connecting USB drive to existing share?

Hi, one of my discs in min PR4100 is about do die. I can still access the system but it’s a matter of time I think.

I’m running RAID 5 I believe, does that mean I can just change the dying disc with a new one and not lose data?

Anyway I got another external disc to copy som data over to, in worst case scenario I won’t have access anymore.
I see the USB drive, but as another share, which means since OS5 that I can’t just move/copy files there. I’ve read people mention SSH and FTP, but I don’t have the knowledge to use those fixes.

Is there anyway to connect the drive directly to one of my existing shares, so that the drive just acts like a folder inside my regular share?

Hi the PR4100 does run RAID 5 by default. The system is capable of auto re-building the dead drive. the process is simple. First you have to make sure auto rebuild is enabled on your system from the settings. I have referenced the manual below. The auto rebuild allows you to replace a single drive at a time. Just keep in mind the rebuild process can take a long time.

As for mapping a USB to an existing share; I have not found a way to do this. You can use FTP but you have to enable to FTP access per share then you can move files from one share to another share via FTP. Top of page 75 in the manual referenced below has information on enabling FTP access. I am also including two links to beginners guide for FTP. The guides are general not specific to the WD PR4100.

Reference Page 60 auto rebuild RAID 5::

FTP guides for beginners -

Hope this helps - good luck!

Thanks for the help!
So right now auto rebuild is off, should I turn that on before replacing the faulty drive or after. Or does it matter?

I am not certain but I would first enable auto rebuild then swap the drive.

I’ll do that, buying a new drive would it matter what cache memory the drive has? Current one has 64mb but I’m finding other WD reds with 64, 128 and 256mb

Personal opinion - I would try to match the original or increase the cache but I would not reduce. Best option would be to call Western Digital support and bug them for advice directly… and then please share their thoughts with us here =)

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