Connecting Two "My Book Studio II"

Is it possible to connect two 6TB versions of the My Book Studio II together? Can I plug one of them into my Mac with Firewire 800 and then connect the “2nd My Book Studio II” to the “1st My Book Studio II” with a USB cable or something? I essentially want to have both working simultaneously as 1.


you can even daisy chain

however they will not work as one they will be separate drives

I have a 2TB My Book Studio II connected to my Mac Mini. I would like to purchase another external to connect to the back of it so I can somehow have it backing up fairly regularly either through the day, say hourly or just at the end of the day?

can you  help me with my options? ideally needs to be a fast backup as it to take offsite.

thank you in advance

I have two 2TB MY Book Studio hardrives. I want to transfer all the contents 1.8TB of one to the other fast. I only have one firewire 800 port on my mac so would it be possible to transfer files by connecting the two via firewire 800 when only one is connected to my mac? Thanks!