Connecting to USB Drive on WD TV from a windows domain computer

Hi there,

here is what we have planned.

In a few of our offices we want to play static video files onto a TV Screen.

Since the WD TV has some functions, that do just what we have planned, we bought one for testing.

This is the idea:

We have a WD TV, let`s say in our Berlin office. There is a USB Stick plugged into the WD TV, that contains the video file.

The WD TV will be set up to only play a file situated in a specific folder on the WD TV and when the WD TV is turned on, it will automatically start playing that videofile over and over again in a loop.

The WD TV suppotrs that fearture.

Now since we are talking about image films, these are subject to change every now and then. The department, that produces these video clips needs to connect to the USB drive connected to the WD TV, delete the old film and copy a new one into the folder.

Within a home network, this freature works just fine. But in our company domain networt it dosn`t.

When searching the network of the Domain in the windows explorer, it will find the WD TV, but only the multimedia device, not the computer/storage device.

Also using the windows explorer I cant connect to the WD TV storage share. I am always asked for a username and password, that I dont have.

Also using the WD Discovery Software, will only show the multimedia device, not the storage area and I can`t see the shares at all.

Does anybody have an idea, how I can access the connected USB stick/storage device connected to the WD TV (not a windows share in the domain itself), in order to swap the files stored on the storage device?


Try mapping the drive manually. Check page #36 of the User’s Manual

This link might have some useful information as well.

Mapping a Personal Cloud drive or WD NAS drive on a Windows PC 

we tried mapping manually, but we are always prompted for a username and password, although we havn`t set one.

So the connection/mapping will not work.

When I try to map I get the following message:


When I just enter the name or IP of the WD TV, without the share and select “browse”, I get the following message: