Connecting to the network via computer

I have a media Center I want to watch Netflix on. I would prefer to do it wirelessly but my router is miles away from the media player so I can’t plug it in directly. Can I plug it in to my computer with an Ethernet cable (mac book). To access the network? I have managed to get files from the computer uploaded but it doesn’t seem to access the network that way. Please use very simple answers, I don’t really understand networking!
If it is not possible which is the best wireless dongle, thre seems to be quite a choice
Thanks !

Wired! You really want to be wired.


I have tried several different brands of powerline adapters. Linksys, WD’s own and a set from Netgear. I finally found a pair that work!! I have been using them for over a month (usually about how long it takes to see them get messed up) with NO problems. They are the first set of powerline adapters that either didn’t just quit working, refused to deal with the arc fault breaker in the room where the router is or just plain old burn up. I bought them for 24.00 from newegg (on sale) and that also makes them the least expensive set I have owned!


Rosewill is the brand. I have the RPLC-201PKIT. Now I’m thinking of getting the RPLC-500KIT as they claim gigabit speed!


This may be the route you should take as well. Way better than dealing with wireless. All you need is a plug socket near your router and another one near your Hub. Pretty sure you could add a network switch on the Hub end in the case that you might have more devices that would work better on a wire than wifi. Like a Playstation, Wii, Smart TV or your laptop or other nearby computer.


HERE is a link to a page that will show all the models Rosewill makes. I didn’t even install any of their software, no need for it. Just plugged both units in to the wall and hooked up the cat5 cables to them and it was done. That’s pretty simple!