Connecting to the dashbord of mycloud does not work

Hi all,
since a lot of days I never tempt to, but now it does not work anymore
I can not anymore connect to the dashbord to views and change the parameters and settings.

  1. I gave the login/pwd and validated
  2. The webBrowser get the dashbord, and functions for a few seconds and then it disappears and the logon page would be resend…
  3. If I tempt to map a network drive from my laptop connected by wire to my local network it does. So the logon and the pwd is correct.
  4. through the web \local-IP\UI and during the first second it works, I can see the dashboard is responsif.
    it gets the diverse functions for continuing…
    but just after the logon is reset…
  5. If I tempt to connect to the shares it works , getting files and puting files it works.
    but connecting to the dashboard does not work…

what 's wrong ?
I does not see what to do …
Is anybody can help ?
thanks in advance

@francois3 What type of computer and operating system are you using? Is your My Cloud set to a Static IP address or at least reserved on your router?