Connecting to router

Thinking about purchasing. I want it to share out movies and music from just my local network inside my home on Win7 OS. Is this unit a good choice? Will it do what I need it to do.

For movie streaming, it would be if you are planning on using wired gigabit connection all the way through. You will have issues with buffering (stuttering video) with wireless. Might be bit better with AC wifi, but with N wifi connection it’s gonna be iffy. And that’s same for this NAS or another company’s NAS.

For your application I would suggest to NOT purchase this unit.

I would look at a 2 disk RAID 1 from Synology for that type of application.

Better wired Gb network performance, more robust package manager for add ons like FileBot and PLEX

The bugs & limitations of this unit for a much higher pricepoint is just to bitter of a pill to swallow.  

For whats its worth, I use my WDEX2 to stream movies, music etc. to both my Roku in one room and my LG smart TV in another via a wireless connection.  I have no problems with stuttering etc.  Keep in mind the EX2 is connected via gigabit Cat6 to my router, then wireless to the aforementioned devices.