Connecting to PLEX shared folders with ES Explorer


I’ve recently purchased a brand new MyCldHome. I’ve also started the PLEX server and made a data copy to the shared folders.

I would like to access PLEX folders over the local network but all I get is the public folder on MyCloud. I’m using ES Explorer on my Android smartphone. This app can handle multiple data connections but when I try to discover the internal storage on MyCloud I get nothing.

It’s a bit frustrating to manage all those applications to work after the marketing that this is a simple plug-n-play device.

If there is no solution to this problem I’m sorry but I will return the product to the shop.

Best regards!

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The MCH Private User space containing the Plex folders can only be accessed using remote access client such as My, mobile app and WD Discovery

It cannot be accessed using Local LAN Windows Samba