Connecting to Enter your credentials

From www.wd2go, I can login and access (view) my shares. I can click and open PDFs in acrobat remotely just fine, but when I go to open MS office docs, I get a pop-up box for user name and password and a check box for “Remember my credentials”.  There is a flower icon next to user name and password.  I enter my WD account info, and have tried other credentials, all to no avail. It wont accept any login info I enter to open the MS files - what credentials is it looking for?  It used to work fine.  Any suggestions?


OK, dug a little deeper and now I understand the issue.  My work upgraded me from Office 2007 to 2010.  And I see the WEBDAV and MSoffice issues discussed.  Still, I don’t see how there can’t be some sort of easy workaround (setup some sort of secondary usr account on computer from which you are trying to access the files - my work computer).  Or some workaround MS and/or WD can hammer out. 

Drives me nuts when an upgrade completely breaks useful functionality in something I use frequently.  The copy/paste/replace is not an option, and I dont understand if this is just a MS issue why Dropbox, Skydrive, etc. all work fine with Office 2010+.