Connecting to MyBook Essential dashboard


I bought a MyBook Essential and have it connected to a router. I can access it remotely (ie. wirelessly) through my router on my Mac (I’m using OS X). 

I would like to be able to stream media directly from the drive to my XBOX 360 via the router and I think that I need to access the dashboard / settings menu on the drive to arrange that. I have read that I should be able to do that by accessing " http://mybookessential.local" through my browser but that address times out. 

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.



(Alternatively, if there is another way that I can make media on my MyBook Essential accessible to my XBOX 360, I’d love to hear about it! Thanks.)

If your router supports the option to share the files from the my book using a media server the xbox should recognize it.

My router says that it supports the use of an external HD as a media server; but would I need to install any software on the HD (or anywhere else) to establish it as a media server? That’s what I can’t work out from the manual or online.