Connecting to My Cloud EX2 to OpenVPN

I use the Transmission app on the My Cloud EX2 in order to download torrents from Demonoid. But lately I’ve been getting warnings from my ISP telling me not to download movies anymore. So the solution is to get a VPN service in order to maintain my anonymity.

So I have been looking into a service like, Trust.Zone VPN — they allow up to 3 device connections using OpenVPN & L2TP.

I realize my tablet & computer will connect to this VPN service no problem… But what about the My Cloud EX2…?

Since I am downloading all torrent files directly to the My Cloud NAS (using the Transmission app), it is paramount that the MyCloud EX2 is able to connect to this VPN service using OpenVPN or L2TP.

Can someone please clarify any of this for me? Let me know if the MyCloud EX2 can connect to VPN without having to do apply any SSH code?

Or if someone can recommend the best service & setup in order to acheive anonymity for my Transmission downloads…?


Hello eyealar,

Unfortunately, WD My Cloud Ex2 does not work on VPNs.

Only way to get vpn is your router have a openvpn client supported. Some high end router support natively like asus . Or Netgear nighthawk support open source firmware support these.

Cheapest solution is VPN unlimited you can get lifetime for 50 bugs

Thanks for the information. That is unfortunate though…


fyi you to those reading i have tried the openvpn tutorial for getting nord vpn on wd my cloud, but i believe this this is still leaking my ip address via dns. thats what it tells me when i test with with transmission app on ex2 ultra

I’m about to install the Nord vpn as the guide on the NordVPN website, however I’m reconsidering if it is worth trying this out if the IP address is being leaked. Can anyone confirm that this is still the case given the latest OS5 firmware?

i was unable to find a process for verifying that there is no leaks. on my personal computer i can use sites like to verify but did not know how to do this using SSH. Good luck, post here if you figure it out.