Connecting to media server username and password?

hey everyone,

l just brought a WD TV Live the other day and l have just been using my external hdd to watch stuff on it but l decided to connect it to a router so l could access stuff of my computer on the network.

my problem is tho,

when l go to ‘network shares’ then ‘BAH-PC’ it asks me for a ‘account’ and ‘password’? in the ‘account’ part it already has ‘anonymous’ filled in there but my computer doesnt have a account or a password on it/protecting it?

l have searched these fourms and others on the internet and have come up short with answers that help me so l was wondering if anyone could give me a hand please


If it doesn’t accept ANONYMOUS then your computer DOES have a password on it.

Alternatively, make a new account on your computer called, say, WDTVLIVE and give it a password of your choice, then use these parameters in the box.