Connecting to MBWE via a repeater/bridge


Having recently moved home, I needed to add a wireless bridge in the middle of the house to repeat the signal from my router and ensure network access is consistent in the study. (It is a WLAE-AG300N Buffalo Wireless-N Ethernet Converter Access Point and Bridge).

My MyBookWorldEdition (MBWE) is currently connected to the router downstairs, which is beside the TV and xbox. it still shows up as a drive on my wireless network via the repeater connection in the study, but my desktop PC is unable to open it (error says ‘the network path was not found’).

So i can only connect and access the files if i connect directly to the router’s wireless signal which isn’t possible for any length of tme from the study to be able to use it as file storage and backup.

I’d like to know what to do, to ensure I can access the MBWE drive both from the Study PC and to keep streaming to my TV downstairs. I can move the MBWE drive to connect to the bridge but I expect that would that mean the TV and xbox can no longer access it?

if anyone has a solution to this I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,


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Thought I’d bump this in case anyone has any ideas…?

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