Connecting to BT HUB 6A with port forwarding

Recently purchased a WD My Cloud Home Duo 6Tb. Initial setup was easy but keep reading about changes to increase performance. Can anyone help with connecting to BT Hub 6A. I have set the rule on the hub but I an unsure of the port details and I have read that it is best set to UPnP for performance but cannot find where to do that.

Any help much appreciated as I a relative novice on the IT side.

Also not too sure I understand how to get all our devices backing up to the same directories and can I apply user permissions to restrict access to some directories?


I would start with the BT Hub 6A user manual and configure UPnP.
The My Cloud Home external port is random (not fixed) so if it changes (and it can) your port forward rule would then fail. UPnP is the suggested method.