Connecting to another Media Server

I have another Brand Media Server (Dune) It allows me to connect to the servers I have on my network to play back my media.  I would also like to connect to the WDLiveHub to take advantage of its storage.  When try to set up a new network connection these are the things it is looking for SMB. Server:   Folder:    User:    Password:   I do not know what I need to enter in order to connect to this drive. Can anyone help ?  By the way I also have the option on connecting NFS. under those conditions it is looking for the following. Server:     Folder:   Protocol: (either UDP or TCP)


I have zero Idea what you mean by that. Just what in your network is asking for that info? The computers themselves should not, if you mean the Dune server then you should check your documentation for that since only that program knows for sure it’s requirements. The Hub itself has Twonky so it works as a media server on its own out of the box.

Can you please clarify?

Just a guess:

SMB Server:   Whatever the NAME or IP address you assigned to the Hub.

Folder:  WDTVLiveHub

User:  guest

Password:  Put anything, perhaps even blank.

Thank You Very Much That worked !!!

Thank you so much, this worked for my Popcorn Hour A-300 as well.  Will post this to the Networked Media Tank forum as well.  

The Samba share speeds aren’t quite fast enough to stream full blurays so I’ll still have to find a work around to get that to NFS. Worst case scenario is I just throw a hard drive in my Popcorn Hour.