Connecting to a ps3 via a switch


I have recently bought a switch so I could stream music and videos from my WD Mylive book to my ps3 and laptop, I was previously using a virgin router to stream my files but wanted a faster and more secure way of transferring the data. 

I am now having trouble finding the Mylive on the PS3, I have made the I.P static on the Mylive and it doesn’t conflict with any devices on the network. My laptop can find the files easily but the PS3 still can’t find it. 

Am i missing a setting or something?

Please help

Kind Regards


Twonkys server is  set as active in the Mbl settings?

I find mine without problems when searching in the ps3 for a server

Mbl pops up and thats it.

Look at the lights on the switch if all components are online ps3 mbl …

Twonky server is active in the setting on the Mylive Device. 

Would the problem be with password enabled on my device or the fact i’m not using a static IP.

I have a solid green light all the time and all cables work perfectly fine. 

thanks for the reply 


the the problem looks like fron static ip

try to set dynamic.

mine is dynamic and i havent a problem somewhere in my network and here are running severeal laptop ipad iphone windows pc  and  tv and a multimetiaplayer and a ps3

I have tried it with both static and DHCP and none of them work. I can ping both the ps3 and the Mylive from my laptop perfectly fine. Could it be that I am connected to the internet via wifi on my ps3? 

I have connected the Mylive back into the wifi router I use to access the internet and the ps3 picks it up perfectly fine.

I am going to keep using it wirelessly and will try to solve the hardwire issue when I have some free time and different equipment to try. 

Thanks for your help