Connecting to a Media Server vs. SAMBA or mounting NFS

I am wondering if any of you hard-cores on this site can comment on the advantages of connecting via SAMBA vs. connecting to a media server using DLNA. I have the majority of my video & audio on PCs around the house and have been connecting my HUB and Live Plus to them via SAMBA shares. I do connect to my playon server as a media server (although not that often as I also have a Roku XD and I like that interface better.)

So based on my configuration, I can set up the network to feed my HUB via the media server option or through the SAMBA setup I am currently using. I have tested DLNA and it workd fine, but I cannot see any specific advantages. I have read the manual so do understand the basic advantages of each (Network Shares can see all files, Media Server can aggregate content etc), but does any one have a reason that they love one method or the other.

Thanks for any insight you can offer


Personally I always connect via network shares. Sometimes using media server can cause problems playing some files and I don’t get these problems using network shares.