Connecting the WDTV Live Plus to a NAS via wifi

I’m planning on purchasing both the WDTV Live Plus and a NAS server very soon.

I plan on having this set up but I’m not sure if it’ll be possible with the WDTV Live Plus. Can someone assure me that it will be.

My general idea is to connect my Verizon router to the NAS server via Ethernet.

Then I would connect my external hard drive to my NAS server.

Now if I purchase a wireless adapter to my WDTV Live Plus, enabling it to have Wifi, would I be able to access both the internet AND my NAS server from the wifi’s connection to my Verizon router?

for those wondering, I want to be able to access Netflix/Youtube and my external hard drive. I don’t want to have to keep connecting my external hard drive to my computer and then to the wdtv. i figure with this set up, i can just dump files onto my external hard drive and then the wdtv live plus would be able to access them over the network wirelessly

In general, the answer is YES.

Now, I don’t know how your NAS works, but presuming that it can share external disks, then YES.

Make sure you get an adapter that’s on the KNOWN COMPATIBLE list, paying particular attention to the REVISION.

I have both a Live and a Live Plus with some pretty cheap USB N adapters accessing 2 NAS devices. This setup has proven to be very reliable the past few years. Jump in, the water is fine… cj

alright, just purchased the NSA210 along with a wusb600n, an external hd, and the wdtv…all my hard work in drive thru paying off (in high school, gonna use the wdtv live for mostly movies, getting ready for college, gonna be a film major)

surprisingly, i spent less than 300 bucks on everything…way underbudget…i love the internet (and i got everything new except the wusb600n which i got refurbished)