Connecting the Mybookworld to a TV! PLEASE HELP!

Right, so apparently I need a DMA (digital media adapter) to hook the mybook to a TV. Does anyone have any idea which of these devices to get. I know WD make a few different types of these but I’m not sure which one to buy because in all the product specs it says they are mainly for USB Drives. I know the Mybook has a USB output on the back of it but in the instruction manual it says that this is for extra storage. I would have thought that the USB output will also enable me to connect to any one of these DMA’s so that I can connect to my TV. Am I right?

I’d get a WD TV Live Hub Media Center, or a WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player. They are made by the same company, so they are tested specificly with the type of NAS you use.

EDIT: The USB port on the back is only for connecting USB storage to. Its so you can make quick backups of the data you have on your NAS.