Connecting MyCloud via VPN

I am on Windows 10 with a Virgin Media Superhub.

My Superhub settings have been set according to Virgin Media instructions.

Using the Windows 10 VPN software, when I try to connect MYCloud Storage, I get the error message
“The remote connection was not made because the attempted VPN tunnels failed. The VPN server might be unreachable. If this connection is attempting to use an L2TP/IPsec tunnel, the security parameters required for IPsec negotiation might not be configured properly.”

Any solutions please

Officially there is no solution. The single bay My Cloud units do not officially support being directly connected to via VPN (like Windows 10 VPN) service/software. Officially the only way to access the My Cloud remotely is to use the WD mobile apps, the WD My Cloud Desktop software, the web portal, or via FTP (which is insecure).

Unofficially one can setup a VPN tunnel to their local network router if it supports being a VPN server, or network computer setup as a VPN server, or to a VPN server (like OpenVPN) on the local network and then access the My Cloud that is on that local network.

Another unofficial method of remote access is to use the CloudDAVMod.

There might be an unofficial way to turn the My Cloud into a VPN server but it would involve using SSH to modify or replace the existing My Cloud firmware. There is very brief mention of VPN in this thread:

Thanks Bennor for your speedy response

I am more than a little surprised that WD do not officially facilitate a VPN, especially when Randsome Viruses are on the increase (especially in the USA) and we are foolish if we do not backup regularly.

When a click on “WDMyCloud - Page 8 |” my Antivirus software warns me it has blocked a threat.


When one looks at what the single bay My Cloud is, what is does, what’s its marketed as, who it is marketed to, and how much it costs there should be no surprise that VPN is not officially supported. WD provides a variety of software, a web portal, and mobile apps for remote access.

Prior to the OS 3 firmware WD released last year for the My Cloud line one could remote map their My Cloud through the web portal. When that option was removed there was much outrage here in the forums. WD has since indicated they have no plans to revive that feature. Hence the unofficial workaround using the CloudDAVMod mentioned above.

Hi Bennor

Many thanks, I will probably give CloudDAVMod a try.

Reading some of the other postings, I get the impression WDMyCloud does not like VPN networks.