Connecting MyCloud to Router through a 10/100 hub - Installation Configuration

Hi : My router located in the basement and connects to a 10/100 hub through which I have wired connections in my office for computer and printers - I would like to locate a MyCloud (6TB) next to my computer and connect to the router via the hub with RJ45 connection - will this configuration work with the MyCloud? Will it find the internet (and remote access be able to find it?) Also I have a static IP address which is needed for other applications requiring that, as my computer is also used as a ‘server’ for remote computing connections - any known issues with this ?


No issues with that – just don’t expect fast speeds if everything is only 10/100 …

Indeed. May be better off spending $20 on a five-port gigabit switch, and connecting the PC and MyCloud to the switch, and then connect the switch to the router (assuming it’s a 100Mb router).

That’s exactly my setup, and I get the full gigabit rate between PCs and MyCloud via the switch, but only get 100Mb/s access to the MyCloud via my router. That’s not a problem, as it’s plenty fast enough for internet access for PCs, and media streaming to devices via the wired or wireless router.

The switch also isolates the MyCloud from the router, so it doesn’t reboot when my router decides to reboot itself; it’s now been up continuously for about 60 days, during which time my router has rebooted a number of times, due to flaky ISP network deciding to go offline.

It is better to buy Gigabit Router as colleagues say, it is better to wile