Connecting MyCloud Mirror & MyBook Live

hi all,
Have a MyCloud Mirror & a MyBook Live. Currently both are connected via their own Ethernet cables to the router. I need to free up an Ethernet port on the router & was wondering if I could connect the MyBook Live , which only has an Ethernet port to the USB 3 port in the Mycloud via a USB 3.0 to RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter?

Has anyone tried this? Advice very much appreciated.

Haven’t tried it, but I would strongly doubt it would work. Those kind of adapters usually need driver software to convert the data going through it into the right format each way, which the MCM won’t be able to load and run.

You’d be better buying a cheap gigabit Ethernet switch and using that to give you more Ethernet ports on your router (plug the switch into the router, then some of your devices into the switch). It’ll probably cost about the same as the USB adapter anyway.

Thanks for the response Darren. Will go down the Ethernet switch route.