Connecting MyCloud EX4100 “directly” to computer through Apple Airport router

I currently have a WD MyCloud EX4100 directly connected to my MacMini. The computer serves as my media counsel and the EX4100 has all the media on it. Previously, my setup was a cable modem connected to an Apple AirPort Extreme and both the drive and the MacMini connected directly to the AirPort all via cat5 cables and they would communicate as if they were directly connected each other, while also making the drive available on my network.

I recently switch my internet provider and my setup unfortunately changed. Now the setup is as follows, Fios Gateway connected to wireless router/modem and computer connects via WiFi and the drive connects directly to the computer via a cat5, but this doesn’t to allow the drive to be accessible by other computers on the network. What I would like to do is connect the drive to an Apple Airport Express vía a cat5, then connect the Express to the computer also via cat5 as well and have the drive communicate with the computer as if it were connected directly while making the drive accessible on the network, similar to the previous setup. The problem I had when I attempted this was the computer and drive communicated via WiFi making movies difficult to watch. I also tried the two LAN options since the drive does have to Ethernet ports, but I’m not sure what I need to do in this setup to make sure the computer only communicates with the drive via cat5.

Does anyone have any idea of what to do with something like this or am I asking for too much? :neutral_face:

You can have a look in this article and follow the instructions to connect My Cloud with computer.