Connecting My Passport Ultra through my router


I just bought a My Passport Ultra (2TB) and I want to connect it to my router so that I can use it to backup my PC and laptops in the house. The tech at the store said it would work, but I can’t find any documentation telling how to do it. Anything I’ve read talks about connecting the Passport directly to my PC (or laptop).  My router is a D-LINK DIR655 and there is a spare USB port in the back. It’s wasn’t as easy as I thought (plug the My Passport into the router USB port and the computers would see it).

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.


What backup program are you trying to use?

WD Smartware (either pro or standard) cannot work with a drive set up like this, only with “true” NAS drives like the MyCloud, or with MyPassport drives directly connected by USB.

But another solution which can write to a networked drive may be able to do so, or perhaps to use a virtual hard drive file set up on the networked MyPassport. I’ve used something like that before to enable Windows 7 backup to write to my NAS drive.